Tips on Buying a Tripod: Some Important Features for Consideration

Tripod is often a mandatory equipment in photography, in my previous articles have discussed 12 reasons why you should buy a tripod. Well in this article we will explore what features you need to evaluate before buying a tripod.

Weight Tripod
How heavy your tripod? Heavier tripod gives extra stability, but if it’s too heavy can also carry excruciating moment. If you only use the tripod at home or studio to shoot the heaviest tripod you can buy all you want, but when taken away to the beach or to the mountains, try to find a tripod with aluminum or carbon fiber is much lighter.
Load Capacity
Before buying a tripod try to count the weight of some of the tools you: the camera body, the lens is the heaviest you have, flash (if needed) and the tripod head (if you buy a tripod head does not have the default) then the total weight of these instruments. Now try to find a tripod with a load capacity specifications slightly above the total weight of your instrument before. Many tripods in the market are designed to withstand heavy loads, but if you only have light equipment why expend the extra money to buy a tripod whose capacity far exceeds your needs.
Tripod Head (Head) Built-in
If the tripod head to be purchased has defects, check the stability and robustness of the head. Tripod head are not good usually still “nod” bit though all locks are tightened.

Tripod Head Separated
Types are more expensive tripod just does not provide the default head, they only give external head screws which can be installed and you still have to buy a separate head. Type tripod legs only tangible-kai gives several advantages:
We can buy the kind of head that fits your needs
We can wear the head differ according to the shooting situation changes, for example when using the camera for videography would need a different head when shooting
Read this article Tips on Choosing a Tripod Head: Ball Head vs. Pan Tilt Head, which discusses in detail the tripod head.
Middle Column
Some tripods have a column (small feet) any additional middle, usually can be drawn up. This column can indeed increase the height of the tripod, but also can reduce the stability when used in such blustery conditions.
Height Tripod
Tripod is available with a variety of maximum height. The greater the maximum height tripod shooting more and more types of situations that can cover. But it’s also bigger and heavier so that tripo increasingly portable. Find a seduai your needs.
Can leg stretched
Some tripods have legs that can be stretched so that it can be installed on a sloping surface, if you shoot a lot of landscape can be an advantage.
Total Segment Foot
The number of segments (pieces) leg of a tripod can be two or three or even four. Increasingly smaller segment of the tripod legs on the bottom so it is not stable, but many segments also make more slender tripod so that more palatable to carry.

Load Hangers
Some tripod gives a hook in the bottom of the middle column, we can hook additional burden to add stability when needed such as when we photographed in windy or when you shoot in the middle of a sweep of the waves. You could hang a bag of sand or even a camera bag so increasingly tripod foundation. If necessary, seek the tripod that provides this feature.