In order for your child to grow optimally, the body needs to be healthy. She needs to eat a healthy diet anyway. For toddlers, eating healthy means eating foods that contain the nutrients needed by the body in sufficient quantities and balanced, in order to maintain health and to support its growth rate.

For every meal portions, carbohydrate needs about 50 to 60%, 25 to 35% fat, and 15 to 20% protein. Vitamins and minerals are needed in small amounts but should still be there. Overall, the caloric needs of toddlers aged 1 to 3 years of about 1300 kcal / day, while children aged 4 to 5 years of approximately 1500 kcal / day.

Name if the child is not healthy to eat a lot, but come from snacks or snacks that low nutritional value. Nutrient deficiencies and imbalances in the body toddler, but can make the child underweight and stunted its growth rate, it can also cause health problems. For example, children are susceptible to infection and organ dysfunction. Whereas if the excess fat, then the child will actually overweight.

The problem is, there are still many anxious mothers beloved children stay thin. Shape of a child’s body is also determined by genetic factors. That is, if you and your partner long bodied (usually due to the composition of the body, such as bone, muscle and fat), your child also has the same tendency. That’s why, with age and body weight normally, he could appear more slender than his peers.

Alternatively, since the child’s body metabolic rate (metabolic rate), the amount of energy that the body needs in a state of activism or break. The higher a person’s metabolism, the more calories you burn when the person is resting. So, people like this will not look fat, despite eating the same portion with others who have a low metabolic rate.

So, even in the eyes of your child is not fat, but if he is in good health, the motion is always active and most importantly, the graph of weight gain and height according to age, you need not fear.

Cause skinny

Ideally, weight and height should be increased every month toddlers. If there are irregularities, is necessary to find the cause and solution.

Diet is not good, so the weight and height does not match his age.

Height exceeds the ideal size of the age, while the ideal weight. Although children look thin, he included healthy.

Excess activity. So that the nutritional intake needs to be adjusted again to the amount of energy that came out.

Child’s illness, tuberculosis (TB), impaired digestion and absorption of food or thyroid disorders. Treatment and monitoring by a doctor is essential to disease disappeared.
Try to regularly check their child to the doctor. In addition to monitoring the health condition and provide immunizations, doctors also measure and make a note of the weight and length / height children under 3 years of age, head circumference was always measured.

The measurement results are plotted on a growth curve that can be seen on the child health records (medical records) your toddler. In Indonesia, used 2 types of standard ideal weight and height according to age and gender toddlers, from the health department, the health card and which was adapted from the U.S. National Centre for Health Statistics (NCHS).