Sugar turns potent heal wounds

Moses Murandu, a nurse and a senior lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe Wolverhamptnon origin, since childhood taught that sugar to heal wounds. However, is it true sugar can actually be used as a wound healer? Murandu was doing research.

Preliminary results obtained from the study on 35 patients showed that the Birmingham hospital can dispel the sugar water from getting into the wound and prevent bacteria from growing on an open wound. However, these results still need to be followed up.

One of the patients who received care sugar is Alan Bayliss, aged 62, in Birmingham. Bayliss had undergone a leg amputation, and as part of a vascular surgery to be removed. It causes sores can not be cured soon.

When first treated, the wound is very deep and Bayliss owned by fingers. Moses had to use almost all the sugar they have in the container to moisten. But after two weeks later, the wound became smaller and Moses just need to give four to five teaspoons of sugar.

“I’m very pleased. My cure I feel the process faster and more positive. Initially I was a little skeptical when I saw they took care of it with sugar. Yet when I saw the wound has narrowed to believe,” said Bayliss, as reported by the BBC
The staff and co-workers initially did not believe Moses to the effects of this sugar in the end also believe the benefits of sugar to heal wounds. In addition to killing bacteria, sugars are also suspected to increase patient mood.