Students IPB chips made from rubber seed

IPB students who joined the group Student Creativity Program for Research (PKMP) made of rubber seed innovation as a healthy and nutritious snack.

“The seeds can be used as rubber chips. Addition to a high protein. Rubber seeds also contain essential amino acids that are useful to the body,” said Chairman Ahmad Mupahir PKMP IPB in Bogor, West Java, on Friday (1/3) as reported by Reuters.

Together with a team mate, that Dede Permana, Ruth Kemala Goddess, Jun Harbi, and Pipin Urip Kurniasih, they examined the proteins that are present in the rubber seed is quite large, at 23 percent.

According to Ahmad, the chips are a typical snack Indonesia, where all the munchies like that. However, he said, so far only known chips using raw cassava or bananas.

“We chose seed and gum as a breakthrough in order to take advantage of the natural results that are considered waste,” he said.

He explained that the process of making rubber seed chips are not too difficult. Seeds white rubber sap cleaned so lost. Then, the material is soaked so that the poison is gone. Furthermore boiled for 30 minutes so sterile and destroyed by grinding machine.

The next stage, flavored dough, flattened in the piece, and cut in the form of chips. The next process, which is fried using cooking oil and flavor and packed, ready for the market until the chips.

“We expect this innovation can be applied to citizens to help the problems of poverty and malnutrition,” said Ahmad.

He added, rubber seed, is one food that has not been utilized optimally. During this time, he said, rubber seed as a tool only child’s play.

There is also the villagers utilize rubber seed as the basic raw material making tempeh.

With innovations that made his team, he hopes there is a new enrichment of the material that has not been widely used, but have a good protein value.

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