Stop the battery from the laptop to go flat so quickly

With a few changes to Windows, it is possible to increase the battery life of your laptop. Employs the largest number of suggestions as possible in your laptop operating system for longer battery run time.
Go to Options in the Windows power settings found in the Control Panel and change the settings of the storage better. This is a quick and simple strategy to keep the battery with minimal thought. Just reducing the screen brightness save battery power. So bound to the computer in a dark room with a minimum brightness level is in order to save additional power.
With many requests for enforcement is a waste of energy and can slow down the execution of critical programs wasted battery. It might be better to stop most of them outside of these essentially as an anti-virus.
Need to sleep and stop to avoid any use more battery power when it is turned off or you start Windows.
Adding additional RAM will help save energy. This will allow programs also mostly from the RAM and not on the hard disk. Moreover, almost all applications run faster and smoother.
If you have a Wi-Fi enabled then the energy is likely to be removed from the battery, even when not connected to the Internet. Normally they can be easily saved by a switch, or a lot of these software power wasted during the operation of the battery can be turned off.
Not the development of applications or data access from CD or DVD, but from the hard drive. In general it is possible to use a piece of software. Around the entire installation from a CD or DVD to the hard drive, so it does not need to run from CD or DVD
If the sound is not really necessary, then mute the volume or significantly reduced the portable speakers can reduce consumption. Often users play music while using their computer, everything is normal power, the battery will discharge very quickly, however.
When you hear the fan running all the time or often, then the battery is wasted trying to cool a laptop overheating. The vent may be blocked, or if you can use it on your lap, the air flow can be stopped. In both cases, the excess energy is lost and the laptop could be damaged by excessive heat.
Over a period of time, the battery lose its effectiveness, you will see that it needs to be recharged more often. Like all rechargeable batteries, the most cases it is loaded and unloaded holds less energy. There are several things that can be expanded as the time before that happens. Then try to load almost completely discharge the battery with the laptop until it has less than 25% load. Do not let the battery charge longer than necessary. Do not let the hot water coil.
This is not a complete list of topics that affect the battery life, but it should give. Some ideas on where to look in order to conserve battery power and extend the functionality of your laptop when you’re away from the mains supply