Changes in weather and heavy work pressure might have caused our health drop alias not fit. Well, for that we need to do simple things to keep your body fit stamina in the workplace.

Because if the workers ill and not fit, then the company could potentially lose money. From the report of the World Health Organisation (WHO), India alone has the potential to lose $ 237 million in 2015 due to increased heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer because of unhealthy work environment.

To avoid this, the following seven ways to stay healthy on the job as executive director suggested Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi, India Dr Upendra Kaul, told the Times of India, Friday:

1. Much Drinking
Niagara provides many benefits for the body, both physically and mentally. Water also helps detoxification and digestion work. Well, we drink at least eight glasses per day. If lazily back and forth to the water dispenser, place water bottles on your desk. So you can drink more easily.

Drinking adequate amounts of water are also able to reduce stress and give you enough energy throughout the day. To avoid monotony, you can also intersperse fresh lemonade, coconut water, and more.

2. Streets moment
Look for reasons to yourself to take a break from work to walk around the office. Leave the chair and walk around for a while can make you stay focused, reduce fatigue and make you feel better. It’s easy to do this is not to again ask the office boy to make a cup of coffee or tea. From now make drinks yourself so you have a reason to walk around for a while.

Alternatively you can also walk around the office while talking on your cell phone. Keep moving until the call is ended. Another way is when riding public transportation or chauffeur, fell several feet a little further than usual. So you can move and walk around a little longer. It is able to reduce the stress and pressure from a solid job.

3. Exercising in a Jam Packed
You can use the 30-minute lunch time to exercise. How, might be a proposal to the office where you work for has a simple gym area, so that employees can just run around, use a stationary bike, or treadmill.

4. Simple Stretches
When stressed, people generally feel sore in the back or joint pain. Despite still being at your desk, do not forget to do simple stretches. The trick, still sitting in the chair, then flex the foot and ankle swivel-rotate. Stretch your legs and hands as often as you can.

5. Use the Stairs
When going up or down floor office, we should not be spoiled by lift but use the stairs. Because up and down stairs will make you more fit and energetic. The reason, going up or down stairs to make all the muscles moving, which was stiff after sitting for a long time, could be more relaxed.

6. Bring Healthy Snacks
Snacking while working fine, but the snacks are healthy snacks consumed. So instead of buying chips, junk food, or soda, bring a healthy snack stock. Granola (a mixture of various nuts and cereal that tastes sweet) and fruits can be a healthy snack that will keep you healthy.

7. Follow the Games at the Office
Sometimes some work has sports gaming activities after office time. For example, there is a roll out table tennis, basketball, or futsal. To stay healthy and fit, you can participate in a variety of game.