Spotting In Baby Blue

On the body of a newborn baby are usually blue-black spots or red. Spotting is called with a birthmark (birthmark). This sign appears due to a set of tiny blood vessels that grow under the skin too much, and almost all can disappear by itself.

The types of birthmarks (birthmark), among others, as follows:

Port Wine stains
These birthmarks are red or pink. This appears as a birthmark caused by enlarged capillaries in the skin.

Strawberry marks
At first, these birthmarks appear as small red dots that are not clearly visible, but grew to be larger when the baby enters its first month.

Mongolian spot
Born mark is often found in Asian babies. These birthmarks have blue-black color, and often appears in the arms, back, or buttocks baby.

salmon patches
Birthmarks are often referred to as stork bites (stork bites)

pigmented naevy
These birthmarks have a pale brown color. It also will birthmark enlarge as the baby’s weight gain.

This birthmark irregularly shaped lumps, and has a red color. Is a type of birthmark that is often found in infants of women, and usually appears in Caucasians. Hemangiomas can be enlarged to the size of an adult thumb until the baby is 18 months old. After that, it will deflate and fade within 3 to 10 years. When hemangiomas interfere because the eye mask so that it can interfere with vision, you should immediately contact your doctor.