Simple ways to determine whether your laptop is faulty charger

If the charger does not work, the battery will eventually drain when you start the laptop. If the warning light re-charge the laptop does not turn on when you plug the charger into the wall socket and the laptop and then get no power to the laptop, then a battery charger may be faulty. They are usually three parts in the charger, all you do can occasionally fail.
Check or change the fuse in an electrical outlet, based on what country you live in, you may or may not find a fuse inside the power supply. If the fuse does not work, replace it. With a good way and the rated current If the fuse blows repeatedly, then usually suggests a problem with your charger or power cord. Be sure to check the fuse to make sure the screws firmly connect the son of brass anchor pins plug contact.
The power cord must be carefully examined to ensure that they. No cracks or dents Check for cracks in the ends of a few slight flexion of the head and to ensure that the insulation has not started, disconnect the power cord. If there is a possibility that the cable or connector is damaged or broken, it should be replaced for safety.
Look at his own power. If there is a warning light when it has lights to the power grid, the fault lies with the laptop charger. Still, there may be, a wrong result if the charger into the laptop if the laptop has a motherboard plug problem. So it is best to test normally separated with the charger from the laptop. Many fail, a light or lights, as expected, when you connect the power cord.
Next take a look at the top where it connects to the low voltage power plug that inserts into the laptop. It is very common for the thread no longer works at this point, because the user is strongly bend a rule. Sometimes when you charge the cable holder mobile press briefly on and off. Look at the power exactly where it comes out of the charger, which is usually not, especially if you wrap the cord around the body of the charger.
If someone destroys the leadership inside the connector or anywhere along its length, then the full magazine, it shares that you do not change just the wire. Rarely the charger itself can stop working, which is difficult to identify without substitution of a spare part.
Laptop chargers tend to fool you into the rule, even if the power and low-voltage connector usually aborted after line break, especially if a person is forcibly bent or wrapped around the charger. Therefore, if possible, you should not drape cables after using the laptop, but it must be disconnected from the power outlet.