Role of Antioxidants in the Life

Antioxidants are often referred to as a powerful weapon for various diseases. Why? Because antioxidants can help prevent free radical oxidation processes in the body.

Free radicals are produced as part of the body’s natural defense system and is produced by a variety of chemical processes are quite complex, which takes place in the cells of the body. Habits, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, high-fat diet, sun exposure, and air pollution can cause the body to produce more free radicals again.

Naturally, the body actually has been equipped by antioxidants, but free radical attack from the outside environment causes the amount of free radicals exceeds the antioxidant reserves in the body and will inactivate a variety of enzymes, oxidize fat, and can damage the genetic material. The process is often referred to as a process of oxidation, which is often associated with the aging process and the various types of diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. When the amount of antioxidants in the body decreases, the body needs to stay healthy supply of antioxidants. Some well-known antioxidants, among others, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, selenium (Se), and cuprum (Cu).

Surely if we follow a healthy diet, reserve enough antioxidants in the body contains many antioxidants, and antioxidants that may be the way work will be more effective when combined with each other so as to mutually improve the way it works. When standing alone, antioxidants have different effects. If a variety of antioxidants consumed as part of the diet, the other ingredients contained in the foods may be able to help each other so that the body can benefit from all of them.

Nutritionists recommend opting for a healthy balanced diet, but if we feel the need for antioxidants is still not sufficient, complete course with antioxidant supplements, such as multivitamins and minerals.