Review Acer Liquid Duo Z110

The proliferation of Android based phones needs in Indonesia is increasing, especially in the market of mid-end and low-end. This is natural as the rising middle class population in Indonesia. Well, Acer seems to understand that when presenting duo Liquid Z110 in Indonesia.

Overall, there’s nothing special about the design of the Z110. Clad in glossy black casing, this series has a 3.5-inch TFT touch screen which comes with 3 touch sensitive buttons Back, Home, and Options. Left side of the phone there is a volume knob, while the right side of the phone there is no any button. MicroUSB port is located on the bottom side, while the 3.5mm jack port located on the top, next to the power button.

Speaker phone is separate from the earpiece, pinned to the back of the phone, located at the bottom. Behind the casing, you’ll find a dual card slot GSM / GSM and microSD slot that is not hotswap. Please note, the pattern of flops used in the microSD slot plug-Z110 makes operation become dislodged microSD difficult, not as easy as on other phones that use the same mechanism.

With the Acer UI 4.0, the Z110 is equipped with a user interface theme Slicer. When you choose this theme, a basic color display will change to blue-purple and white. This theme is quite interesting considering the Gingerbread interface only uses black as the primary color.

As for the notification bar has 3 pages fast setting; pages first relates to the screen Brightness, Timeout, and Auto Rotation; second page dealing with connectivity such as WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, and Airplane Mode Data Connection, as well as profiles on the third page of the General, Silent, Meeting and Outdoor.

About the music, Z110 Acer brings its own equalizer, the SRS Sound. Here you can control how strong treble and bass. Then there’s Music and Video EQ EQ, equalizer option to choose which one you want when playing music or videos.

Turning to the camera, Acer embed powerful 3.15 MP camera on the Z110 without flash support. This is a minus point for being less reliable to record objects in zero or low light conditions. Support facilities on the camera was fairly minimal, such as the absence of autofocus.

We encountered a problem when using this phone for fast typing. The lack of responsiveness when the screen is touched an obstacle, and the typo is often the case. Then, the accuracy of our touch on the screen even minimal, common layout error response on the screen.

Speaker Z110 Acer owned less qualified, especially for listening to music. If you set the volume to the smallest unit, the sound that comes out will be very small to barely audible. Whereas if you set it to the big unit, the sound that comes out will be heard loud and broke.

SRS Sound Equalizer and Acer are not given enough help to cover the shortage of speakers built Z110. You can reduce this shortcoming by using earphones or headphones so that when the volume is set to maximum level, no sound comes out loud and break. Meanwhile, for playing games or using other applications, this phone can be relied thanks 2GHz processor and 476MB RAM. Unfortunately, given the internal memory is relatively small, only 187MB. The battery is owned by Acer Z110 durable enough for normal use. For multimedia activities such as music nonstop for 2 hours, for example, the battery power is only reduced by about 10-20%.

The yield on the Z110 camera shots can be fairly okay, especially for the size of the phone with a 3.15 MP camera with a price of one million. Unfortunately, the shutter lag Z110 keenly felt that we should remain shaking hands after pressing the shutter button so that the image is not distorted. For video, the tape recording Z110 fairly smooth with a sharp voice.


Kinda love it granted stock OS Android v2.3 Gingerbread is still limited, given the many other manufacturers are playing on ICS for millions of first-class phone like Z110. Moreover, you have to be patient when using the virtual keyboard because of low levels of response accuracy. But the speed of the processor seems quite ideal for those who want to try Android smartphone. For those of you who need a Dual-SIM Android phone at an affordable price but the model is pretty cool, Acer Liquid Z110 can be an option.

(+) Price affordable to Android Dual-SIM famous brand
(+) Fast performance for its price
(+) Long lasting battery
(+) Good design and quality for the price

The less:
(-) OS Android Gingerbread has not been confirmed to be improved
(-) Response and the accuracy of the touch screen can be improved
(-) Shutter lag is rather old camera
(-) Small internal memory