Professionally Designed, Affordable Home Plans Now Available Through Great House Design

Professional home design requires the perfect convergence of functionality and aesthetics. And great house designers know that homeowners require a residence that not only fits their unique style, but offers all the small details that comprise the ideal home for the years ahead. Specialists in the art of design, Great House Design have a wide array of superbly designed house plans from which their clients may select.

Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, Great House Design has become the recognized leader within their field. The company prides themselves on being able to offer their customers designs that are both functional and cost-effective. This design ethos ensures that customers who are on a tight budget are able to achieve the home they want at a price that is affordable to them.

Indeed, making their clients’ homeownership dreams come true is the company’s leading prerogative. Their catalogue features a resounding collection of house plans that vary greatly in architectural style. Whether the client’s home-owning dreams are for a large, open-concept contemporary home or a quaint cottage in the country, the team at Great House Design is uniquely capable of matching their requirements with their immense catalogue which features over 9100 stock house plans.

The quality of the detail used to craft the company’s house plans is created using the very latest computer aided design programs. These exceptional designs have been commended by general contractors, subcontractors and building department officials, who have said that the house plans provided by the specialists at Great House Design are among the best they’ve worked with in terms of clarity and depth of detail.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to using designs by the experts at Great House Design to create a customized home is that when clients purchase house plans, they can speak to the designer who created those plans directly in order to ask them about the intricate nuances involved in the plan, and enquire as to which modifications can be applied to that particular plan.

Each of the superb plans within the Great House Design collection are detailed for general construction and conform to the 2006 International Residential Code [IRC], the Uniform Building Code [UBC] the council of American Building Officials [CABO] or the Southern Building Code [SBC] Specifications.

The plans come replete with every possible detail expected from one of the top house design companies in the country. Included within each plan set are details such as exterior elevations, which show the front, rear and sides of the house to scale from a straight-on perspective, and relay details relating to the foundation, roofing and the flooring of the building. In addition, those who purchase plans from Great House Design will also receive information related to the general specifications for the home, such as excavation and grading, thermal and moisture protection as well masonry and concrete work, to allow those building their own home to achieve a full birds-eye view of how their home will look and function after its construction.

For house plans that could form the first step on the road to building your dream home, contact the design team at Great House Design today!

About Great House Design:

Based in Spokane, Washington, Great House Design has become one of North America’s leading architectural design companies. The company is known for their outstanding expertise in using the latest technology to design custom home plans that combine functionality and style. For more information about Great House Design, please go to greathousedesign.