Product Photos Without Flash

How to make photos of the food as above?
Characteristics: photos of the food with the dominant white so that it looks fresh and contrast and a very shallow DOF.
The key is lighting from behind (backlighting). Do a photo shoot near a window with his back to the window and the position of food you meghadap.
Put food on the all-white base (foam, paper or white cloth around it).
To be quite uneven lighting, use a reflector (styrofoam or paper) to reflect light in the window and put it in front of and beside the food.
To get the effect of blur in the back, use the setting aperture f / 4 or larger (f/3.5, f/2.8, … etc.)
Use a tripod to prevent the composition better and sharper results
If you are lucky enough to have 2 pieces of flash lights, play wear light and fill light behind the object in front and besides – could use a fill light reflector with materials as mentioned above