Probiotic Yogurt Cure Gastric Damage

Bacterium Helicobacter pylori is a common cause of ulcers, which is damage to the skin or mucosa of the stomach. Doctors usually try to get rid of it by using antibiotics. However, it was not much help. Currently about 10-23% of cases can be helped by eating yogurt.

Consumption of yogurt containing the beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium (yogurt AB) before antibiotic therapy was able to improve its ability to destroy bacteria H. pylori. The early treatment can decrease the strength H. pylori and clinical treatments to help improve the treatment of subsequent therapy.

Research was carried out by researchers from National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Taiwan. They randomized 138 patients to determine, who suffered from ulcers and therapy given three times. Three times the therapy consists of antibiotic therapy twice, which was preceded by four weeks and without the consumption of AB yogurt every day.

The researchers reported the findings in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that the number of H. pylori significantly decreased due to consumption of yogurt than therapy without yogurt. Speed ​​destruction H. pylori therapy with yogurt is 91%, while for therapy without the yogurt is only about 77%.

The research shows that consumption of yogurt AB during the four weeks prior to treatment (twice) with the use of antibiotics will get better treatment outcomes compared only with antibiotic therapy alone.