Probiotic foods boost bone density

Probiotics, the good bacteria are commonly found in foods such as yogurt proved beneficial for bones, according to research conducted in mice. While this study has not yet been tested in humans.

However, research conducted by scientists at michigan State University gives hope that probiotics can be used as a prevention and treatment for osteoporosis in the future.

“We know that inflammation in the intestines can cause brittle bones, although we still do not know why. Now we found that probiotics can increase bone density,” said Laura McCabe, researchers from Michigan State University,

The research was carried out by feeding the mice probiotic rich to relieve inflammation in the bone. Probiotics are good bacteria carried Lactobacillus reuteri, for four weeks.

Researchers found that the mice had increased bone density after eating probiotic foods are. Unfortunately, the same does not occur in mice androgynous females.

During this probiotic known as the food is good for the digestive process. However, research shows that probiotics have benefits beyond digestion, such as lowering cholesterol levels, and lower upper respiratory tract infections.