Remember the movie Pinocchio? Film about the wooden puppet whose lives it has one characteristic that would elongate his nose when lying. Well, it turns out also occurs in humans. The difference is, the people who are lying, not elongated nose, but soaring temperatures in the nose.

This is due to the increased anxiety that is visible from the hot tip of the nose. And while trying hard to make the mental well could cold it again. Not only that, when people who are sexual desire, certain parts of the body also will feel the heat.

Reported by Dailymail, it was found by researchers at the University of Granada Emilio Gomez and Elvira Salazar Lopez Milan. They then dubbed this phenomenon with The Pinocchio Effect. They see the images produced thermal camera on the study participants. Both said the nose temperature increases or decreases depending on one’s mood. The lie can cause the temperature at the nose up.

In addition, the researchers said area muscles orbital (eye muscles) in the inner corner of the eyes as well as your mood changes. Besides the lies, the two researchers claim, thermal imaging can detect sexual desire and lust in men and women. Proven as the temperature rises in the chest and genital area. The conclusion of the researchers is when people lie about their feelings, insular cortex of the brain change.

“Insular cortex is involved in the detection of body temperature regulation, so there is a negative correlation between the activity and the magnitude of the temperature change,” explained the researchers. “The more activity in the insular cortex (the higher the visceral feelings), the lack of heat exchange, and vice versa”.