The smell of perfume every person is different, depending on your taste and the situation or event that will be attended. Typically, women who wear a lot of perfume than men. For this reason, the personality of a woman can be known from the preferred perfume.

It is described olfactory and taste expert Alan Hirsch. He said the part of the brain that smell and taste are the emotional part where personality resides. To prove it, Hirsch gave psychological tests to 18 thousand people to determine personality type and learning their food choices (90 percent of taste really flavorful).

Of food choices, researchers can determine the aroma associated with the type of personality. More specifically, the following could describe the scent that a woman was quoted as saying Menshealth:

1. Vanilla
Dr Tim. Hirsch find interesting connection between scent and personality. For example, if a woman’s flamboyant, he would not be flavorful. “If you already have a personality trait, you do not need to find the right scent for you,” said Hirsch. So, people who chose vanilla scent in fact they are more alive, energetic, happy, but bland.

2. Natural spices
If there is a woman wearing this fragrance, she may be trying to please those around him. “He wants to feel wanted,” said Senior Product Development Manager Tru Fragrance Renee Bukowski. Then added, based on data from Dr. Hirsch shows people who love the smell of oriental spices to a close and did not want to hurt them.

3. Fragrant flowers
If any female friends you using fragrance of flowers, it was a sign she wants to be more confident, independent, and more feminine.

4. Fragrant fresh
Of the research. Hirsch shows people who love the fresh smell like baby powder or lavender could mean ambitious, focused and very goal-oriented.

5. Fragrant fruits
One way to conquer the hearts of men is the smell of the ‘warm’. Woman with fruit fragrances tend to be more fun, teasing, and easy going.