Most Famous Apple, Google shifted IBM

When we start talking about a topic on the development of communication technology world, Apple is one name that should not be forgotten. With a long history and many great ideas and creativity in a changing world, technology companies such as has become its own icon in the contemporary era. Impossible it feels when you do not know the name of Apple.

If we look deeper, Apple is a company that seems filled with human resources nan with innovative ideas in his head. Various things that seem futuristic and almost impossible to reach by rival technology companies, successfully realized by the company Steve Jobs. The latest example is the construction of smart-building is a long term project of Apple.

With all these innovations, do not be surprised if Apple has become the world’s leading companies. Milestones is increasingly evidenced by the popularity of Apple after the company has made it into the list of “The World’s Most Valuable Brand”. Not only that, Apple also ranked first as the most valuable brands in the world.

In a list prepared by a research conducted by Millward Brown Optimor, Apple has managed to increase the value of the company as much as 19 percent when compared with last year. When assessed, Apple “only” has a value of USD153, 3 billion in 2011. While at present, the company that was mentioned was that ICAR has developed a sales value amounted to USD183 billion.

However, Apple is not the only name in technology that have a high level of fame. According to research, the company IBM is still stalking in the second row with a value estimated at USD116 billion. This is an achievement for IBM. Because the company formed by Thomas J. Watson managed to shift the giant Google is out of place.

Google this year failed to maintain his position and must be willing to sit in third position as the world’s most famous product. Setbacks experienced by Google predicted by the decrease in brand value as much as 3% when compared to last year. Now, Google is estimated to be worth USD108 billion.

Progress rapidly and relentlessly going on in the field of technology is recognized by Millward Brown Optimor as something that affects the changes in the value of a company. It also could affect the company to expand its wings in other industrial fields.

“In the other categories, such as the automotive industry, we can see that there are some names that are changing significantly as they also insert the technology in its products,” said a spokesman of the company Millward Brown Optimor. “An example is the fact that Burberry has a brand value of $ 4 billion, up 21 percent from a year ago. This is due to the courage companies to provide new experiences for consumers. ”

The one interesting thing is the success of McDonald’s fast food restaurant that manages to stand strong in the fourth position. Be interesting because four of the top five positions occupied by the tech giants. In consecutive years, they are Apple, IBM, Google, and Microsoft.