Monopod, Purchased Important?

After a few belfot article discusses the tripod: 12 reasons to buy a tripod, tripod buying tips and tips on choosing a tripod head, several readers to send questions on a monopod. Outline roughly the same question, important to buy a monopod? What is the difference between the tripod and monopod?

Advantages Compared Tripod Monopod:
In general monopod will not replace a tripod. You will not be able to take pictures using a monopod bulb. But if you are looking for a tool to help stabilize the camera from shock, helping take pictures in dim light conditions or just want a sharper picture, there is some value monopod than a tripod, among others:
More Lightweight and Compact monopod, tripod can weigh three times heavier than the monopod. Not to mention quite a hassle sometimes we bring a tripod because of the thicker even though it was folded. Monopod fairly quick and easy to tuck in your camera bag.
Quickly assembled, with a monopod what we do is bide monopod, monopod mounting the camera to the ground and positioned before use. With a tripod you should spread his legs one by one, if you happen to be on the surface is not flat you have to balance the length of each leg.
More Agile, ideal monopod is used in situations where we need the stability of the camera but also must remain nimble moves. Because the light and quickly assembled, monopod is a favorite tool or sports photographers other field events.
Lens Monopod Friend Is Heavy, heavy telephoto lenses usually come with collars monopod / tripod circular lens barrel. Monopod could ease the burden on the hands when shooting with heavy lenses. Let monopod to help you sustain it.
Cheap, you can get high-quality monopod that can withstand the weight of 10 kg.
Monopod For Cool perspective, has a wide angle lens or fisheye? plug in the camera lens and then attach the camera to a monopod. Then you set the timer to take pictures with, lift it high monopod, voila … you now obtain images with a cool perspective of height as below.

While Monopod Still Can Not …
Monopod is an alternative to a tripod, monopod gives us the option to take pictures with stable and able to “buy” from 1 to 3 stops, suitable for use when we need to remain agile or when using heavy lenses. But to take long exposure and want to keep photos sharp, tripod is still better at it. Use a monopod appropriate privileges, as discussed above.