Measure Body Temperature Baby

Normal human body temperature is 36.5 to 37.5 degrees celsius. If up to 38 degrees Celsius or more, then called fever. And in fact, a fever is a sign the body is infected by bacteria or viruses.

If you only know the first conventional thermometer made of glass and contain mercury, so now there are several types of digital thermometers on the market. Then what is the advantage? To be sure, digital thermometer guaranteed to be accurate because it shows the smallest number to number. Also, this type of thermometer and practical measurement results very quickly. Unfortunately, digital thermometer is very susceptible to damp air and water. Not to mention, the price is more expensive than conventional ones.

Small part of the body that could be a place to put the thermometer is armpit, mouth and anus. However, lately, increasingly sophisticated technology thermometer so that the thermometer can also be placed in the ear and forehead.

However, glass thermometer is absolutely not recommended to be placed in the baby’s mouth. Why? If broken, the mercury will poison the baby.

How thermometer inserted through the anus? Actually, it does not matter. But, you are in fact often do not have the heart to do that to your baby. Measure the temperature of the body through the anus should be performed by health workers only.

Measure the baby’s body temperature at regular intervals:

If your child fever, monitor your condition by measuring body temperature at regular intervals. Approximately every 4 to 6 hours.
Immediately taken to the doctor, when the body temperature rises to over 40 degrees celsius.
When the baby’s body temperature is between 38-39 degrees celsius, wait until  3 days. If the body temperature does not go down and down, too, quickly take it to the doctor.
To ensure accurate measurements thermometer, wait until your baby is sleeping soundly before. Understandably, the child usually feels ticklish armpit or ear if a foreign object is inserted.
Forehead thermometer has not been sold in the market. Even so, similar to how to use special digital ear thermometer. Only after pressing the button on the body thermometer, thermometer move from left to right. Vice versa.