Meaning Abbreviation In Third Party Lens: Sigma, Tamron and Tokina

Third party lenses like Sigma, Tamron or Tokina is an affordable alternative for our photography needs. In a previous article, we have discussed the meaning of abbreviations in Nikon lenses and lens canon, now turn the lens Sigma, Tamron and Tokina. Here are some abbreviations that we often encounter in the third party lenses and brief explanation, for convenience only Sigma, Tamron and Tokina that will be discussed here:

Sigma Lens
EX – EX Lens is the highest grade lens (premium) in a Sigma lens product line.
DC – DC lens is a lens designed specifically for crop camera (APSC)
DG – DG Lens Sigma lens is designed for both full frame and crop cameras
OS – OS Optical Stabilizer is (equivalent to IS or VR)
HSM – Hyper Sonic Motor, motor technologies are less noisy but fast focusing.
ELD – Extra Low Dispersion, using special optical elements that minimize chromatic aberration, flare and ghosting
SLD – Special Low Dispersion, higher than the ELD class
FLD – F Low Dispersion, using low dispersion elements that contain fluorite
APO – apochromatic Lens, APO lens is designed to minimize chromatic aberration
ASP – Aspherical Lens, this lens has a complex design elements to improve overall quality and reduce the size and weight of the lens
IF – Inner Focusing, focusing the lenses do not move internal elements front element
RF – Rear Focusing, focusing lenses do by moving the rear element
CONV – This lens can be used with a teleconverter
Tamron lens

Di – Digitally Integrated, a lens with this name have a coating that is optimized for digital cameras
Di-II – as in, just for camera crop (APSC)
In the third, the lens is specifically designed for mirrorless cameras
USD – Ultrasonic Silent, like USM, SWM. Not noisy and fast autofocus
PZD РPiezo Drive, equal to the USD but the driving force is the piezoelectric motors (electrical department asked the boy  heheh)
VC – Vibration Compensation, Tamron stabilizer technology, together with IS, VR
New VC – VC technology updated
SP – Super Performance, premium lenses have Tamron
XR – Extra Refractive, wide angle lens with a special design that is smaller in size
LD – Low Dispersion, this lens elements that minimize the use of chromatic aberration
ZL – Zoom Lock, this lens can be locked optical zoom lens barrel does not move itself
IF – Internal Focus, the front of the lens does not rotate during focusing.
ASP – Aspherical Lens, designed to have a high quality and size can be more streamlined
Tokina lens

DX – designed for crop cameras (APSC)
PRO – professional grade lens (premium) from Tokina
FX – this lens is designed for full frame camera, but the camera can also be used crop
ED – Extra Low Dispersion, special elements to minimize optical lens defects
SD – Super Low Dispersion, such as ED but higher class
HLD – High Low Dispersion refraction, but ED lens is specifically designed so that its size is not large
U.S. – uses aspherical elements to enhance image quality
FC – Focus Clutch, alternate between manual focus and auto focus quickly
IRF – Internal Rear Focus, by moving the focusing lens elements perform tow
FE – Floating Elements, specifically designed to minimize astimagtisme