Little teaching Chewing

Your child growing age, need to be trained to be able to consume food that is more dense. To the ability of the child need to be trained to be able to chew. There are several ways to do.

Train your child to chew by way of:

If you make a smooth puree, reserving one kind of food that can be chewed easily, such as a piece of carrot or piece of soft cheese sheet.
Do not force the baby to eat food that is difficult, such as beef or chicken. If you would like to teach my baby to chew a small piece of minced meat or chicken, cook before processed in the vegetable or porridge.
Divert delicate foods to form a bigger little by little. For example, if blended, reduce the smoothness week after week.
Give it food that can be grasped, nutritious and easily digestible, boiled carrots cut into matchsticks or a piece of papaya.
You can also give it a mushy rice dish mixed in a blender.