Lactose Intolerance

You often have diarrhea just as often consume milk? Nearly 95% of the nation’s Asian, Caucasian, 10-15%, 50% and 75% of Mediterranean peoples blacks suffer from it, namely intolerance to lactose (Lactose Intolerance).

Lactose Intolerance is a condition of a person who is not able to digest lactose, a form of sugar derived from milk. It can be due to incompetence or lack of inability of the body to produce lactase, the digestive enzymes produced by the cells in the intestine that break down the milk sugar duty into a form more easily absorbed by the body. This condition is also called lactase deficiency (lactase deficiency).

In some cases, there are children who are born without the ability to produce the enzyme lactase. However, these conditions improve naturally over time until the age of two years, in which the body begins to ‘learn’ to produce lactase little by little. So do not be surprised if in adulthood, the symptoms of lactose intolerance can gradually disappear.

Products containing lactose

Aside from milk and dairy (like cheese and butter), lactose is often added to various food products. People with lactose intolerance should know what food products that might contain lactose, even in very small amounts. Some products that may contain lactose, namely:
* Bread, biscuits, pastries, and the like
* Breakfast Cereals
* Pizza and drinks instant breakfast
* Margarine
* Dressing salad
* Candy and snacks like
* The preparation supplement
* Creamer for coffee
* Material processed instantly (mix) for pancakes, biscuits, and the like

Symptoms of lactose intolerance

Undigested lactose in the colon will accumulate and ferment, causing intestinal disorders such as abdominal pain, cramps, bloating and gaseous, and diarrhea (about half an hour to two hours after consuming lactose products). The symptoms often mistaken for gastrointestinal disorders. Severity depends on how much lactose that can be tolerated by each body. These symptoms similar to an allergic reaction to milk, but in the case of allergies, the symptoms that arise more quickly.

If someone is suffering from lactase deficiency not avoid products that contain lactose, eventually that person will lose weight and suffer from malnutrition.

Although lactose intolerance is not spelled out conditions harmful to health, but it is quite disturbing condition of the patient. Therefore, people with lactose intolerance should learn to sort out which food or beverages are allowed and should not be consumed.

For older women at risk of osteoporosis or the children who are in the age growth forced to avoid products containing milk, then their calcium needs can be met from a lot of consumption of green vegetables, fish, and calcium-rich products are free of lactose.