IPad Mini Rumors Still Continues

Apple is likely to continue trending comfortably surrounded by rumors regarding new products. Unfinished rumors about the launch of the latest generation of MacBook Pro, now re-enlivened the virtual world with the possibility of Apple developing smaller-sized iPad. Experts in the world of the internet has provided a name for the product, the iPad Mini.

Apple mentioned is preparing the way for the release of its newest product. Time said that Apple is not going to change a lot on the iPad Mini. Everything will remain the same, including the resolution of the screen size of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The only thing that changes most likely will only range in the hard-drive. Predicted, will come shrink in size from 16GB to 8GB.

Besides the price of the iPad Mini will also range between USD200 and USD250 (approximately USD 1.85 million and USD 2.3 million). Apple is also expected to complement the production line by issuing a lower-end product to be labeled price around USD150 to USD200.

So far, the price of the product is still not confirmed further. One thing is for sure, rumors are circulating that “little iPad” will not be priced at more than $ 500 or amounts to USD 4.6 million. This price is predicted as the price that makes sense for Apple. Because the output of the Amazon Kindle Fire is one tough competitor of Apple in the mini tablet PC category which is selling products with the price orbit.

The existence of these rumors is like do not want to stop. Previously, the late Steve Jobs himself had doubted the plan to create a small version of the iPad. He had said that he was not overly interested in producing this kind of gadget because Jobs did not find a single thing special in it. Too small to compete with the PC tablet and too large to fit in the battle of the smartphone market, he said at the time.

However, the rumor persists despite as Jobs himself has rejected the plan. Even recently, a site called DigiTimes states that measures 7.85-inch iPad will be built in China by Foxconn and the country will reach the U.S. market in August. Rumors can not be underestimated, as DigiTimes has network with manufacturers of tablet PCs, smartphones, and notebooks based in Taiwan.

Site iMore, as one of the sites believed to be the most accurate news about Apple spreaders, also confirmed the news. However, iMore mention that October is the month of the most sense for Apple to sell the iPad Mini.

There have been many opinions that say that they would consider buying the iPad Mini. A survey conducted by PriceGrabber website states that 52 percent of respondents said that they made sure to buy this product.

When asked about the reason for the certainty of purchase, 64 percent of respondents say that the price is cheaper than the iPad Mini iPad or iPad 2. Then, as much as 54 percent responded that their small size makes the iPad can be transported easily.