In Criticism HTC, Samsung Speak

In Criticism HTC, Samsung Speak. The grandeur and sophistication of Samsung Galaxy S4 apparently attracted the attention not only among gadget lovers of South Korean vendors. HTC are also competitors Samsung issued a criticism of the plastic materials used in the Galaxy S4.

But the South Korean vendors (Samsung) can not remain silent about the criticism from HTC. In response, Samsung still insisted on using plastic material in the Galaxy S4. Head of Designs Samsung from South America, Dennis Miloseski Sasmung explain the reason to keep using plastic material in the Galaxy S4 is nothing but creating a good relationship between users and technology through performance and minimalist shapes, light and thin instead of the material used.


Philosophy S 4 itself is a Life Companion or a friend to the user after S III carries the tagline ‘design for humans’. Some features designed to detect where the user is, for example, in the Smart Scroll or Smart Pause.

“As devices become more intelligent, able to sense where you are and adjust to, the design will continue to evolve. However this time we think how to create the kind of life for a device,” he said.

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