Immediate sale: Shoes Equipped Heaters

Previously, Triumph Japan have created a bra with a heater. And as not to be outdone, a man named Alexey Chugunnikov create a pair of shoes with casual models are also equipped with a heater.

Chugunnikov creating shoes that he called Warm Shoestrings this because in the region is a very rare solar heat gain. “Moreover, when winter came, when he was outdoors toes numb from the cold,” he said as quoted by Cool Like.

Therefore, Chugunnikov tried to design and create a casual shoe but still warms the feet, especially his fingers. The materials used are made of fire resistant material with electrical fibers interwoven in the shoelaces. These fibers serve as a connector for recharging or charging.

According to him, the heat released these shoes ranges from 40 to 60 degrees Celsius. Chugunnikov also explained that the heat will not be monopolized by foot because the weather can be spread up to warm up the legs and upper body. “Warm Shoestrings is suitable for use by anyone as an athlete, rescue teams, soldiers, workers or ordinary people,” he explained.

Unfortunately, Warm Shoestrings is still a concept and is not 100 percent. Although still a concept, but the idea is quite interesting Chugunnikov to be developed. If indeed these shoes are actually created, then a lot of people in areas that rarely get the warmth of the sun would be very grateful.