ICAR, Steve Jobs Dream Delayed

Can not be denied that Steve Jobs is one of the entrepreneurs who have big dreams to make the world a better place. A series of ideas that he had, he was able to realize through a company he owned. We certainly have often heard of advanced products such as the iPhone, iPad, or PC that has become a mainstay for designers, namely Apple Macintosh.

However it turns out, Steve Jobs still has a dream that he could not make happen. Not the Apple TV is now widely discussed, but a car that is environmentally friendly. Before death, Jobs apparently had to think of a concept car designed by Apple itself. At the time, Jobs said that he wanted to make a “ICAR”.

Through an interview with Fast Company, a member of the board of Apple said that Apple will soon realize the dream of the founders of the Company. Mickey Drexler in the interview, confirmed that in the near future high-tech environmentally friendly cars will soon greet customers.

“Look at the auto industry in the United States today, an industry that is experiencing a tragedy,” said Drexler, as quoted from Ubergizmo Oktomagazine. “Steve Jobs dreamed mobi repair industry with go jump in it. Before he died, he wanted to design an ICAR. Sayangya, he has not had time to make the design. ”

Drexler also mentioned that technological developments would not rule out the possibility to produce a dream car Jobs. Taking the analogy of the development of the mobile phone world, Drexler has confidence in the ICAR project. “I think that the vehicles in the future will be smart vehicles, smart vehicles, which will be equipped with tablet PCs in it,” beber Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies division, was quoted as saying inautonews.com.

“Maybe not the tablet PC as a whole, but it may be the technology that has been successfully developed in a tablet PC can be applied in a futuristic automobile products,” said Bajarin further.

However, the dream and the idea seems to have come off. A design that has been spread across the internet mention that this is a prototype design that was created by Apple. Designs depicting futuristic car was produced by Franco Grassi. However, it is not certain whether this is the actual design desired by Jobs.

Dreams Steve Jobs can not be said trivial, considering now has a lot of vehicles that have features that can connect to the iPod. Jobs even dream about futuristic car where he had been channeled through his animation company, Pixar is. The movie “Cars” and “Cars 2” are two animated films believed to be one outlet for Jobs on dreams about cars.