How to Communicate With a Child?

The words you use when talking, responding, give praise, or reprimand baby, can have a major impact for them. They may be working together, understand, and even self-confidence. But if you do it the wrong way, they might feel hurt and left a bad impression in their hearts. Therefore, to communicate with the baby is a job that easy bother. How to work around this?

A teacher from Merrill, Michigan, USA, Chick Moorman said that things are often destructive relationship between parents and children are often initiated from the words of the old man. But no doubt, the words in such a way can also bring you closer to the child.

Good things you can do:

Use the phrase subtle when you ask baby to do or stop an action. For example with “You play outside, yes, dear â?” or “Do not fuss yes, dear ..” If the baby does not do what you ask, you can reprimand by way of “Mama thought you would prefer to play outside me, dear â?” The phrase that will make the child comply with what you want along with a sense of responsibility. Children will also better understand the options that should be taken into account first the causes and consequences of a situation.
If you want to apply discipline to your child, you should distinguish who did and what he would do. Say you love him, leaving him a good discipline applied. So that the child can understand that you just do not like bad behavior. Not that you are accusing him that he was poor. Give an expression of affection for the children without having to yell.
If a child does something that unsettle you, ask him directly why he did it. Make an agreement not to do so, provide a reasonable excuse, clear, and easy to see why you do not agree with that stance.
Children often say something out loud and even harshly if they’re upset. Dig what is the reason why the child was upset. Asked gently, speak from heart to heart. Thus it would be more and learn to be more patient in the face and adjust to the environment.
If at any time a child says out loud that he was treated unfairly, then it is time to make him understand why everyone, even within one family can not get the same treatment. Explain little by little the word “fair” to him. This will make learning to look at the issue from all sides, and train children from becoming spoiled.
The bad things that you can not do:

Many parents want their children to be mature at the age of relatively still very small with calm and always demanding sweet. In fact, every gesture through which children gradually. Attitude whiny, stubborn, cranky, and ask a lot of things are natural attitude of the will that is growing. Do not worry because the child will be grown along with the development of his age. You should try to understand the child to be patient if they exhibit attitudes childish .
The closer you can joke with children and is a good way. But do not pick a joke that might offend children. Provide support and compassion in a way that is more mature. No need to force yourself to be funny in front of them.
Do not compare one child to another. It can make a child feel worthless, small, and in child. The phrase was intended for children