How to block pop-up ads

Pop-up ads are three different categories, namely pop-ups from adware and spyware, advertising courier and general browser pop-ups generated. Pop-up ads appear on the screen and affect the user’s ability to view the contents displayed on the screen. The user can easily avoid these ads by installing a pop-up.
Announces a courier:
These types of pop-ups are only for Windows XP and Windows 2000. They usually occur because someone is available on your network, and the message can be transferred to your computer via TCP and UDP ports. It is the responsibility of the courier to send these messages. To control these pop-ups, the security by installing firewall software such as ZoneAlarm or the Windows XP installation that turns off default messaging and activates the Windows firewall to be healed. The connection, the transmission of these messages is facilitated blocked.
To enable firewall in Windows XP, click the Start icon on the desktop, press Run and type the word Firewall.cpl, click on the OK button on the lick. It is recommended to not connect to the Internet before you enable the firewall, there is a risk that infected computers.
Pop-ups generated by adware and spyware:
The function is the same as the general browser, but spyware is usually the object that your Wizard ActiveX controls, connects to the Internet Explorer and contacts with their server, without doing that the user is familiar performed. This can also be a cause of the leak of confidential information to the user’s spies and wasting Internet bandwidth. In this context, each outgoing link should be without the user’s permission to take as a threat to the safety of operators. To install pop-ups from adware and spyware, anti-spyware generates as SpywareBlaster, Ad-Aware, Spybot Search and destroyers on the computer must be prevent. You all are the same as anti-virus software. These applications, the service hosts file server running for the prevention of unnecessary ads and websites that are for the transmission of these ads, but also increase the security settings of the browser.
Applications such as Sygate and ZoneAlarm always notifies the user whenever outbound traffic is detected. This allows the user to block Trojans and dialers to reach the Internet. It will also give the same attention to user settings of the firewall can be assumed that a safe passage and only with programs that will need to be assessable to the Internet works. This point, the user will be able to improve the performance of the firewall to be used for study sites. You will be a thorough review of the system ports available and weaknesses so that they can notify the user.
General guidelines are followed:
– The system must not be connected to the Internet before you enable anti-virus and firewall.
– The security settings should be strengthened in the browser so that the ActiveX control is blocked from installing automatically.
– The system should always search online for the latest news and subscribe to the Microsoft Security Bulletin in order to be aware of the possible threat to be updated.
– Services HOSTS file must be used to prevent unwanted websites.