How long does take a laptop?

Most people expect a device to about 5 to 10 years, regardless of whether it takes is a washing machine, a TV or a laptop. However, laptops rarely still long for more than 5 years running.
The two main reasons why a laptop can fail, the owner could have an accident or perhaps electronics can no longer function properly. Obviously, a person can have an accident at any time and do not reflect the robustness of the laptop will not be considered here.
Nearly 25% of new notebooks and laptops within 3 years of purchase. SquareTrade in 2009 found that 10% to 15% of new laptops broke within 2 years and stopped working 15% to 25% within 3 years. Together they are a guarantee from the computer organization has expanded, so these statistics are very interesting. These figures do not include statistics on accidents in which a user has been damaged the laptop. Most buyers of laptops would be very shocked to discover that her laptop is likely to go wrong within 3 years of purchase, as no fault of their own.
There are many reasons exactly why a laptop can fail when carefully used in the manufacture of need: –
A. If the manufacturer makes a design error or incorrectly installed component on the motherboard laptop, then the laptop can properly for a short period. Is then installed as a function of the component correctly, the laptop can fail partially or completely. This occurs because the voltage can be wrong, the component can be mixed, it may heat, etc.
Second The electronic components are sound enough like a light bulb. Bulb could have an average life of 10,000 hours before it crashes, 99% last time, but this 1% will go wrong much earlier. A laptop contains a variety of electronic components, which are required to be working at least say, 100,000 hours, but if one of these components early and it is an essential element of your laptop, and then stop working. It can be almost impossible to prevent completely for a manufacturer to. Accidental failure of a component with the exception of the selection of pieces that have a very low rate of degradation
Third Mechanical components are often susceptible to wear by their moving parts. A laptop switches, hard disk and DVD players from all the mechanical parts that can fail. For example, if the spindle of the DVD is a little off, and eventually it will increase wear and cause the reader no longer works. Depending on the severity of the problem and how often the disk is used, the laptop could go wrong sooner than expected.
It is extremely difficult for a manufacturer a notebook or a laptop that will last for a while from the time distribution of the components is generally beyond their control to build. Expensive electronic components are more likely to stop working, so that the sale price of the laptop must have an impact on the reliability.