Home Design Considerations

When designing your own home, you need to be sure that the furniture you want to use will fit where you want it. To help in working this out, you can get templates from office supply stores that portray different kinds of furniture styles and sizes. These can be used with your floor plan to draw in the furniture.

There are many other things to consider, including whether you want electrical outlets in the floor; whether the windows need to be moved or enlarged; what lighting you will need and if the electrical outlets are in the right location for your furniture, and whether you will choose concrete blocks or timber frame, or a mixture of both.

Drainage problems can be fixed before they even develop by making sure that your home has the proper elevation above the curb. Added to this, a home that is elevated looks much better from the street. But make sure your builder gives you a firm cost for this, not an allowance. And if one of your builders quotes less, be sure it’s not because they intend to build with a lower elevation.

Other considerations can include the position, type and size of the fireplace and what kind of air conditioning you will install. Choosing the right type can save you a great deal in utility bills and give you much better comfort over the life of the equipment.

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