Home design advice Cream shaker kitchens explained

Cream shaker kitchens are back in fashion. Although the likes of minimalist fitted kitchens and other contemporary designs are still popular, more and more people are turning to vintage styles and opt for something with a little more warmth. Cream shaker kitchens are arguably the best of these vintage styles and are highly sought after today. 


This is due to their ease of use and homely feel. Indeed cream shaker kitchens are in demand because they make a fitting addition to a family home. Mothers (and fathers of course) spend a lot of time creating food for their children and consequently find a design which makes cooking as easy as possible very desirable.


Cream shaker kitchens are so desirable because they are designed with functionality and practicality at the top of the priority list. Therefore expect lots of storage space and solutions which give easy access to kitchen implements such as knives. As with all colour variants of this form of kitchen design, peg rails are central to the essence of cream shaker kitchens. 


This humble accessory should be incorporated into your construction in a number of places and really adds to the practicality as well as the character of the kitchen. The mantra of shaker kitchen design is to keep it simple so things like pan racks are used to hang cooking apparatus.


Wooden worktops and a neutral floor colour are the best additions to cream shaker kitchens. Tiled and vinyl flooring can be used and both add to the quintessentially pastoral feel many shaker constructions have. 


Wooden units such as cabinets are most suitable if you are a fan of traditional-look cream shaker kitchens. Many people do, however, prefer glass-fronted cabinets when it comes to cream gloss kitchens. These help preserve a spacious feel and are ideal for displaying crockery and glassware.

How do I get to enjoy one of the many cream shaker kitchens out there?


If you are intrigued by cream shaker kitchens and want one of your own you should find a specialist company to fit it. One supplier with a range of beautiful cream gloss kitchens including shakes can be found at Theonlinekitchencompany.co.uk.