Hold Mozilla ZTE, Alcatel, LG and Huawei To Launch OS Firefox

Mozilla has finally officially introduced the latest operating system made by them, Firefox, at the Mobile World Congress 2013 Barcelona. Some of the world’s top vendors are invited to provide the tools.

Yes, Mozilla is pleased to announce that once an agreement with 18 operators in some countries, cooperation with Qualcomm processor that will provide Snapdargon them for use on a smartphone based on Firefox, as well as ZTE, Alcatel, Motorola and Huawei as a supplier of software vendor partners for the time being and in the future.

The operating system Firefox using HTML5-based application that runs on your Firefox browser technology that we have known so far. By targeting the entry-level class, the main purpose developed new operating system is to create an open source OS, where web-based developers can easily create applications and market them in Firefox Marketplace, Google’s app market like PlayStore on Android.

If you have Firefox Aurora for Android apps on your Android device, then you can see market applications without having to use Firefox OS. Some of that has to be found among other social networks Facebook and Twitter, Nokia HERE, Box integration, as well as some games from EA Mobile and Disney Mobile Games.

Through this OS, Mozilla offers privacy, security and customization are the same as their browser. Firefox also has supports video calling over the RTC’s also a browser-based technology, and can also be enjoyed via app Firefox Aurora on Android. So what tools are available for consumer use?

There are at least two units to choose from. First come through a series of Alcatel One Touch Fire cooperates with operator China Unicom and will be first rolled in there, following the Latin America, Poland and Germany.

One Touch Fire itself is a smartphone with 3.5-inch screen that has been equipped 1GHz processor and 256MB RAM. In the multimedia sector, you will get a 3.2MP camera that the images and videos you can store in the internal memory of 512MB and a microSD. Connectivity including 3G, Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth and GPS with Nokia maps HERE.

Next up is the ZTE Open, which also has similar specs: 3.5-inch screen with HVGA resolution, 1GHz Cortex-A5 processor, 256MB RAM, 512MB internal memory, 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0 and GPS. Unfortunately, no further mention full specifications and selling price. However, if the target is connected between the two smartphones Mozilla specifications above, the two devices above would be priced at less than two million dollars.

While Firefox OS based devices from LG and Huawei will follow throughout the year 2013. Will this new operating system will be accepted by society? When consumers soil water can taste it? Well, exciting for both us forward.