Happy Little massaged …

Did you know that massage helps babies besides physical and emotional growth and development of the baby, also able to strengthen the relationship between the mother and the baby …

Massage requires a form of touch therapy that serves as one of the important treatment techniques. Even according to modern research, routine infant massage will help the physical and emotional growth and development of infants, in addition to maintaining their health. To be sure the benefits of infant massage is not only felt by the child alone, but as well by the mother. Want to know more?

Benefits for mothers

According to one study, mothers who massaged the baby will produce more milk. And most of them will experience water seepage on breast milk when not breastfeeding, so the massage can increase the likelihood of the mother, including working mothers, to be able to provide breast milk to your baby optimally.

Help mothers more relaxed, more familiar, as well as strengthen the relationship and communication with your child.

Benefits for your child

Generally massaged infants can sleep soundly, and upon awakening, the concentration will be increased.

Provide security to the child, because he felt the closeness of the relationship between the mother and her mind. This sense of the future will shape your child into a good human being who has a personal, strong, independent, loving, trusting environment.

Stimulate the blood circulation and increase energy for small wave of fresh oxygen will be delivered to the brain more and throughout the body.