Happy Little massaged Also

What to consider before massaging?

Wash your hands clean mother.
Keep hands in warm mother, so that your child feels comfortable with the sweep mother.
Mrs. Short Cut nails and remove jewelry that allows to hurt the baby soft skin.
Perform massage in a warm room and not stuffy.
Sit in a comfortable position before doing the massage.
Lay the baby on a flat surface fabric, soft and clean. Prepare towels, clothes, diapers and baby oil / lotion baby. Baby oil is gentle in addition to functioning as a lubricant, also useful for smoothing the skin retain moisture child.
Also use baby lotion when skin tends to dry your baby. Be careful, do not let baby oil / lotion is splatter her baby.
Begin by stroking his face and head, and encourage your child to speak softly.
Perform massage for about 15 minutes
Do not massage the baby while in a state of hunger or had just finished eating.
Do not rub your baby when he had a fever or pain, because he actually felt uncomfortable.
Do not massage him while he slept, because the rest will be disturbed only make fuss.
Keep the temperature of your child not to body temperature below 35 degrees Celsius.
Massaging Little tip:

On the back
Put your baby in a prone position, then massage with circular movements starting from the shoulders to the buttocks.
Then massage with scratching downward movement extended to the buttocks.
At the foot
Hold the ankle of the child, mother and move hands alternately from the ankle up to the groin. child halted foot from the heel to the fingers.
In the abdomen and chest
Baby massage in a circular motion, forming the image of the center of the chest to the heart of the outer side by putting your hands on the chest.
Do the same thing around the nipple outward.
In the face
Repeat pressing thumb from mid-brow, continue to fall through the edge of the nose to the cheek.
Do the same on the upper jaw, then move to the side as if making a smile line.
Mother of the fingers of the hand movements behind the right ear and the left simultaneously toward the chin.