Great House Design Offering Superbly Designed House Plans for Your Customized Dream Home

For those who wish to custom-design their own home, it’s important to find an organization that understands that each home is as unique as the people living in it. Each home has a character, a defining aura that embodies its homeowners’ personal tastes and living requirements. For custom-designed house plans that are fitted to your exact specifications, one company has a wide array of solutions to offer.

Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, Great House Design offers clients over 9100 stock house plans that are designed to meet International Residential Code regulations. From 30,000sq foot Georgian mansions to idyllic country cottages, the expert designers at Great House Design have worked with a wide array of architectural styles and have the requisite building understanding to be able to refine any home design to meet you own personal specifications.

When you purchase house plans from the experts at Great House Design, you will receive a set of six to nine 24 by 36 inch plan sheets that are drawn to a quarter inch scale depending on the size of the property. The plans that you will receive are meticulously detailed and will showcase all key elements of the home, including upper floor framing

and exterior elevations. In addition, when you purchase the company’s superb house plans, you will gain information regarding the property’s distinct construction specifications in relation to such factors as masonry and excavation. Great House Design’s plans are known to be the most detailed available on the North American housing market today, and as such, they also include complete cross sectional views of the home, that detail the residence’s measurements from the foundations to the roof, to provide potential homebuyers with a complete view of the property.

The company’s design expertise is founded upon the quality of the plans on offer. Each of the plans within the Great House Design catalogue is formulated utilizing the latest computer aided design programs, which ensures that the designers can quickly customize the plan for a perfectly constructed final product. The accuracy and the detailing of Great House Design’s house floor plans have been commended extensively by numerous contractors, sub contractors and building department officials, who rely upon them within their day-to-day working activities. In fact, perhaps one of the greatest advantages to choosing the company for your very own customized house plans is that they provide you with a direct line to the designers of those plans, so that you can ask them any questions regarding the placement of features or home construction requirements. This ensures that you are provided with a full 360 view of the home before your decide to purchase the property and begin construction work.

Now is the perfect time to begin the planning for your own customized home. With the expertise available at Great House Design, you’ve already got a full team of industry experts behind you as you enter into a process that will conclude with you sitting in your very own personal dream home. Purchase a set of Great House Design’s affordable house plans today and take a step closer towards achieving your real estate dreams.

About Great House Design:

Based in Spokane, Washington, Great House Design has become one of North America’s leading architectural design companies. The company is known for their outstanding expertise in using the latest technology to design custom home plans that combine functionality and style. For more information about Great House Design, please go to Greathousedesign.