Features LG Optimus M

As the phone is claimed as scariest phone, LG Optimus G clearly has superior features that make this smartphone from LG mobile phones in cap as wonderful

But not enough to just have the excellent features that make LG Optimus M Mobile scariest dubbed. Features are easy to operate and function as a means of entertainment is also a feature that is taken into account.

LG Optimus M

These features of the LG Optimus M that is easy to operate and function as a means of entertainment:
Live Zooming

As said above, these features are easy to operate features. Live Zooming is a feature on a Video that serves to enlarge and reduce the image display (zoom in and zoom out).
Dual Dual Screen Play

An entertainment features that can provide different content at the same time the screen with the existing content on the TV screen.

This feature serves as a place for the more creative place to accommodate the text, images or records which can be directly displayed on the screen and can also be shared to others through URLs.
Catch Time Shot

A feature to save the best photos from the photos that the user has created.
Cheese Shutter

This feature becomes most unique feature on the LG Optimus M that is a feature that can operate the camera by taking pictures through voice commands.

Similarly Gadget Info Regarding LG Optimus Features, Good Work.