Due to Prevent Backpack Injury

Due to an increasing number of books that should be brought to school every day, a child who wears a backpack, pain can occur in the neck, shoulders and waist. Not to mention the influence of this heavy load on the spine, which can affect the position of the child’s body shape in the future.

Therefore the American Occupational Therapy Association gives some suggestions that help to prevent health problems caused by the backpack:

Do not let the child carry the load of more than 15 percent of his body weight.
Always use both sling bag. When using only one sling bag alone, will make the child rest on one side only. This would make a slanted spine and can cause pain.
Heaviest objects in the bag should be placed closest to the back of the little guy. Arrange books and other stationery properly so as to prevent such goods shifted.
Backpack should have a good sling bag, to prevent too much pressure on the shoulders and neck, which can result in pain.
When the backpack has a rope tied around his waist, use. The waist strap will help reduce the load of a backpack.
Make sure that your child carry only objects that actually needed in his backpack.
Choose a backpack that has a size that fits your child back.
Teach your child how to fill the items in her purse and brought it correctly.
Set the size of the sling in the bag, so the bag will be right back on the back of the small dock.
The bottom of the bag should not exceed 10 cm of waist circumference.
If the school allows, consider using a bag that has wheels if your child’s backpack is too heavy.
If your child is experiencing pain in your back or neck, consult your doctor immediately.