Determine Skin Color Lipstick Color

Part of the face that is never separated from the plating tool is lip makeup. It should be noted that the lip is one of the sexiest women could find. So lips always look smooth and sexy, even routine maintenance must be done. However, so lips look charming, step to do is to choose the right color.

Often, the problem of women in Indonesia is to choose a lipstick that matches the color of his skin. Sometimes see new colors are blush, the desire to buy it. However, what will be fit when worn? Overcome problems like this with your lipstick choose colors that fit well with your skin, so that the lips will look stunning all day.

White light
It has a bright white color make-up is not meant to be always easy. Sometimes you are too scared or just look like a pale palette. You have light-colored skin, the color of lipstick that you should choose is the plum reds, berry, wine reds, brown, medium light brown, and beige.

If you want to look fresh with the nuances of the color pink, the colors that can be selected is a nude pink, cherry pink, and so forth. Special note for white or light-colored skin, avoid using lipsticks that are too bright so lips do not look too pale.

Fortunately for those of you who have olive colored skin, because a lot of lipstick colors are suitable for use by the owner of this skin. However, you should avoid shades of yellow colors, such as orange or orange red, so as not to look pale skin. In addition, the bright pink color will not look pretty worn, because too much contrast with your skin. Best lipstick colors that can be selected is deep brown red, dark berry and red cherry.

Brownish skin also has advantages in terms of choosing your lip color. More color tone can be selected and worn, like a deep pink, caramel, medium brown, yellow tones, pink tones, and creamy coffee. Still, avoid colors that are too bright, especially in the tone brown because it will make you look well turned pale.

With this skin, do not hesitate to try a lipstick red or blue tone. The colors like mahogany, deep plums, red wine, coffee brown, rich brown, and dark brown would also look pretty worn. However, it is not advisable to choose the color orange if you want to give the impression of sweet and elegant in every appearance, especially for day-to-day performance.

Whatever color you are, as long as able to adjust to make up, the display will be maximized and you will look more charming.