Detection of Vitamin C in body Prevent Stroke

So far, we more often associate vitamin C with body fitness, body resistance against attacks of infectious diseases, maybe even just associate vitamin C with thrush. Recent research has found benefit of vitamin C against stroke.

In the study, which lasted for about 9.5 years studied 448 subjects who had a stroke. The researchers found that of which got the highest concentration of vitamin C at baseline had a 42% lower risk of stroke over the next 10 years compared with those having the lowest vitamin C concentrations.

Protective effect against stroke owned vitamin C exist even been adjusted for several factors that can affect the level of risk, such as age, sex, smoking habits, alcohol intake, body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol, physical activity, blood sugar, history of heart attack, the use of supplements and social class.

A study published in the American Journal of Nutrition says the level of vitamin C in the blood is a good indication of the biological consumption of fruits and vegetables, which have many biologically active nutrients and can prevent stroke, research indicates that eating lots of fruits and vegetables can prevent stroke.

In addition, fruits and vegetables are associated with many health benefits one of which is to reduce the likelihood of stroke. The most optimal intake to reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease is not known with certainty but intake of about 5-9 servings / day was associated with the benefits of vitamin C.