Delight is healthy

Maybe you’ve heard the words “Happiness is the Key to Health ‘. The expression is true. Because most people are sick due to stress and feelings of depression or depressed.

Unfortunately until now, most people do not know it. Now, by knowing happiness is good for health might inspire us to be happy always. Because for a healthy happy that includes a therapeutic pool for us.

Want to know what the happiness therapy can be practiced daily, as reported by Boldsky:

1. Laughing lowers levels of stress hormones
It could be that you’ve seen groups of people laughing in the park. With a laugh, can actually reduce levels of stress hormones in the body. Maybe we also never felt like laughing to see people laugh, then laugh. Strange if we see other people laugh even sullen and stiff. For a laugh, a stress hormone in the body can go down and bring you to feel healthier and happier, and entertained.

2. Happiness cure headaches
Most of the headaches that come on a regular basis can be caused by stress. This means you should be able to make me feel happy.

3. People will not be happy cramps
Most people underestimate the stress. And stress can create muscle cramps. It causes a chronic low back pain. Then the pain that may radiate to the back of the neck, and so on. It means happiness enormous impact on health.

4. People happy healthy heart
Our heart health depends on the happiness of ourselves. This does not mean people will not be happy stricken heart. But it tends to reduce it. Emotion can exert pressure on one’s heart.

5. Happiness delay fatigue
Fatigue is a condition only when the muscles stop functioning due to tiredness. Most, fatigue makes one stressed. To fix this, you should make a habit because it can provide a lot of positive energy.

6. Happy people age longer
The old adage says’ Do not take your life happy. ” Modern medical science proves it by a number of studies. Happy people are generally living longer and healthier than unhappy people. Because depression and stress disrupt our body’s health.

Six ways in the core therapy teaches us to always feel happy and grateful to keep the body healthy spiritually. For if we are healthy spiritually, physically bound to feel a positive impact as well.