Configuring and Using Timers with dish is simple

DISH timer is your instruction tells the receiver the programs that you see in the future. For most DRE (external recording device) or a VCR, select a particular program on a particular channel, and tell the receiver how often you want to save the program. Make sure you set the receiver to control the VCR.

There are four types

VCR records an event on a tape already mounted for later viewing. Make sure your VCR is connected and turned on. Also be sure to place the handset to tell the VCR, record start / stop.
Auto Tune will automatically change the channel for live coverage of the event.
Reminder creates a display on the screen when. The event on the air
Position automatically channel for live coverage of the event and sends commands to a compatible device, such as dishes that your handheld receiver with RCA or S-video outputs connected. This option is not available if you enable the function. This allows you to save on the external device, the recording rather than the receiver’s hard disk.

The decision on the frequency you want to watch a program that will help you make the best choice:

Once a program is characterized only once (good for movies, sporting events and other ad hoc programs.)
Offers a weekly program once a week, at the time, on that channel.
Daily records a program once a day, at that time, on that channel
MF painted a program once a day, Monday through Friday at the selected time on this channel.
If a timer is started

For two minutes before it starts recording, the receiver can display a digital countdown (recall timer) on the TV screen. This countdown is displayed when the program starts. While the countdown is displayed, you can from the following options:

Press CANCEL to remove the icon from the TV screen. This does not prevent the timer from starting
Press INFO or SELECT to display more information. When you do this, you have the following options:
Click OK to continue with the timer.
Select Stop to stop the stopwatch timer.
Note: By pressing the INFO button on the memory of the timer operates only once. Then press INFO results in the current program, the information is displayed.

Special Considerations

Blocked program have forgotten the receiver before you can an automatic timer. You can create a manual timer for a locked program without automatic timer. You can download a manual timer for a locked program without creating a password. However, if you do this when the timer is running, the receiver only an error or password entry menu.
Pay per View programs, you need to order a Pay Per View program when you create a timer for it.
Blacked Out for programs if you darken a timer for a program that is in your area, if the timer operates the receiver can see an error.
Why timers are ignored

If a timer is ignored, is the reason given in the timer list.

The priority of this counter recorded a lower priority than other events of the time.
User to a user selects this delay jump.
Duplicate cases where there is already another timer to record the program.
Events are recorded in the DVR program and can be seen already in the list daily routine.
Not a new episode for beginners new episode used. Currently, a new episode is that, for the current year, the program guide information listed.
Bad for the timer weekly, daily, and Monday to Friday. If the direction of another event showed the timer is ignored. For example, a timer is set for Saturday Daily, but the program is broadcast Monday through Friday, the timer on the weekend can be ignored.
The Timer List

Use the list of programs:

See the general list of timers.
Create a manual timer
Edit a timer.
Set up an automatic timer

You can trigger an automatic timer for a future event. The following instructions explain the easiest way to set an automatic timer.
Find the future program you want to record with the Program Guide or Browse. The program can be a satellite or over-the-air program.
Select the event in the future. The Create Timer screen
Select the timer frequency
Select a type of timer.
Select Create timer puts an end to the new timer.
Setting a manual timer

Press Menu, select Timer.
Select Create timer.
Select the timer frequency
Select the type of timer
Select the channel (satellite rover o-the-air), using the arrows on the remote control or keypad to find the channel.
Select Change time
Set the start and end to be sure to specify AM or PM
Set the date
Select Create Timer
Select Done
Deleting a Timer

Press MENU and select Timer
Select this option to clear the timer
Select Delete. Counters are cleared

If you create timers on overlapping programs, the receiver displays a screen with the dates and times for these two programs. The receiver also displays this screen when a program has changed the time overlap caused a timer on the other. You must delete or modify one of the timers.

Enable Record Link

Your receiver has a timer function called Record Link. It sends the data (audio, video and other commands) on an external device, you can connect the receiver to RCA or S-video output, so that the program can be stored on an external device.


It is very important to allow the receiver to receive updates. In this way, the receiver can access the latest software and program guide information. Make sure that the update function is enabled.
If you answer VCR does not respond to the receiver, see if you accidentally left. The protective film on the side panel of the receiver