Choosing a Tripod Head: Ball head vs Pan Tilt Head

This time we will focus on the tripod head. If you decide to buy a tripod that does not have a head (tripod head) congenital, meaning you have to buy separately in addition to the tripod head itself. Tripod head there are two categories:

Ball Head

Type Ball Head tripod head movements using a simple mechanism of the ball and socket that allows the camera to move in any orientation. The main advantage is that type of ball head using a simple mechanism, it is usually very stable type of ball head. Once the position is locked, the camera is really calm and nodded again. Another advantage is, because it involves only a few moving parts, it will be more durable and relatively clean always.
The major drawback of this type is when we move the camera position. Because the mechanism of a ball, then when we loosen the lock he moves toward the two axes simultaneously, vertical-axis the horizontal axis – right and left). Suppose we want to tilt the camera, as we tilt the horizontal level apparently also changed.
Pan Tilt Head

Type Pan Tilt Head tripod head is kind of a far more accurate than other types of ball head. When we want to control the position of the conscientious type is more accommodating, because each axis has a key. The horizontal axis has its own key, the vertical axis.
Disadvantages of Pan Tilt Head is the physical size is usually much larger and heavier than other types of Ball head. Type Pan Tilt Head is also more affordable than other types of unstable Ball Head at the same price.
Other Considerations
Just like when choosing a tripod legs, tripod heads wherever you choose should consider the following:
Weight, weight tripod head should be a consideration, especially if you shoot outdoors. Taking photos is fun, but if it’s called excruciating pain hehe.
Load capacity, as well as leg tripod head tripod also has a maximum load capacity specifications he could bear. Recalculate the heaviest weight of your camera and lens.

Mounting Bracket, mounting plate bracket is attached to the camera. Sometimes these things are always stuck on camera because we are lazy to take it off (disconnect requires a screwdriver or coin). However, head tripod mounting bracket which provides far more pleasant than the tripod head screw which only provide direct camera attached (very inconvenient when installing and removing). So, look for a tripod head with mounting bracket most comfortable for you.
Congratulations choose.