Choosing a Pre-school Institutions

Choosing a Pre-school InstitutionsWhen you decide to put your toddler to pre-school institutions, should also be considered whether it is an urgent necessity. Some of the reasons for not sending children to school is 4 years old and above, caused more parents desire that their children social skills. The reason it is not wrong, but if the process can be done at home, so their needs have not been high.

Most education experts still do not agree to the affairs of school for toddlers. The pros assume that toddler age is the golden years, where parents need to give their children a good education in a variety of ways, including to send him to school at an early age. However, those who counter argue that including toddlers in pre-school institutions feared to make children quickly get bored in school. The danger is the son of the school strike precisely at an age where he should have entered the school in an orderly and complete basic education.

Apart from these two opinions, if you are determined to put the child to pre-school institutions, consider the following points when choosing a school that is safe and comfortable for you and baby, namely:

Distance from home to school. Should select a school that is not far from home so that your baby is not too tired on the way.
Curriculum which incorporates elements play more. Toddler age is a golden age that approaches should play more. Learning can be done while playing.
Number of school hours and frequency. Since childhood, should the number of hours of school for toddlers is not too much. For example, when he entered at 7:30, preferably school hours were over at 10:00 so she was not too tired. Similarly, the frequency, not necessarily every day, but it could be only 2 to 3 times a week.
The ratio of students and teachers in the classroom. When the number of students is too much, we can be sure a teacher will be overwhelmed. Ideally, the number of teachers to pupils at least two people to 20 people in one class so that every child can be considered properly.
Discipline is done. Look for schools that flexible application of discipline for toddlers age takes time to understand the rules and routines.
Physically fit. In a sense, no cramped classrooms, where good lighting sunlight to enter from the left (because children generally use the right hand), ventilating manicured, and desks protected from material or shape that can make a toddler injured.