Cause Stomach on Should Avoid

Many are concerned with the belly from reduced self-esteem and a sense of being uncomfortable. Many things are also being done to shrink belly fat, but not all can succeed. The situation is not without cause belly fat, it all happened because of our lifestyle that are a little less good / healthy.

There are many things that can cause a distended belly, here are some causes.
Eating or snacking at night
For those who like eating or snacking at night, you should immediately eliminate this habit. At night we usually indulge that little bit too calories used. Stacking calories from food or snacks will cause stomach to be bloated.
The content of calories and sugar in the alcohol almost equal fatty foods. Alcohol can make the heart work harder to neutralize them, so that the sugar that should be missed and accumulate filtered.
Sitting Too Long
For those of us who work in the office and used to sit a long time can cause a bloated stomach, poor posture (leaning forward too) will make the stomach push forward.
Junk Food
Fast food / fast food / junk food we consume is usually a source of fat and calories are great. Calories and fat accumulating increasingly distended stomach.
Sleep After Eating
Never go to sleep after eating. During sleep our bodies do not do any activity that digestion is not optimal. New food eaten, it will not be well digested that can make distended.
No / Rarely Sports
In addition to health, exercise is also very important to keep the body proportional. With less exercise will make the fat accumulating in the body that cause belly fat.
Foods containing gas
Keep us that there are foods that can produce gas, such as sweet potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, coffee, soft drinks. With the abundance of gas content in the stomach will make bloated and distended abdomen.
Delaying eating
We sometimes delay time due to busy eating that can not be abandoned. With eat will make us very hungry and consume excess food.

The number of bad habits that we do without us knowing it can cause stomach to be bloated. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle and regular is very important in a body condition and health.