Caring For Children’s Dental Health

Dental care to the fullest, especially in infancy and children, will determine their oral health at later ages. To obtain healthy teeth in children, how do I care?

Gum disease will often be experienced by infants and children if treatment is not done properly. Examples of dental and oral diseases are caries (holes on the surface of the tooth), ginggivitis (inflammation of the gums), and thrush.

After eating sugary foods (like chocolate) and sticky (like lunkhead), if not immediately brushed will be left behind and cause damage to the teeth. In addition, beverages such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, and cigarettes can also cause a thin layer on the teeth called dental stain so the color becomes dull and brownish. Rough layer of stain it easily attached to the rest of the food and bacteria that eventually forming plaque and if not cleaned will harden and form tartar (calculus) which may propagate to the root of the tooth. Consequently gums bleed easily, tooth wobbly easy, and convenient date.

Caring for baby teeth can be done by way of cleaning teeth using a cotton gauze or rinsed with warm water, then rub it gently on your baby’s gums. If the child is growing up, parents should teach him about brushing routine. The child’s diet should always be considered, whether the food is consumed can damage teeth or not. Do not be too often giving children sweets and easily attached to the teeth or gums such as candy, chocolate, and biscuits. Such foods can react in the mouth and eventually form acids that can damage teeth and can cause cavities, tooth prematurely, as well as interference with the size, shape and number of teeth. To prevent that, give your child fibrous foods, like vegetables and fruits that are self cleansing (cleaning the teeth) as it requires mastication process repeatedly. If it wants to provide food such as chocolate, candy, and other sweets biscuit should be at the right time, for example after lunch. If you are finished eating these foods, the child should be told to brush their teeth thoroughly.