Beware of What Children Watched

12 month old baby to make decisions based on the emotional reactions of adults around them, and they can get it also from the television, said the researchers from Tufts University, Boston.

If all this time we thought that babies do not understand what they see on television, it is time we re-think about such things. Babies are not just looking at the television turned on. In a very young age, they apparently have started to learn.

This certainly must be cautious. Not just trying to not say rude in front of the children, we must try to make the programs containing violent emotions or rude not to be witnessed by beloved children. If not, do not be surprised if all of a sudden the child can say rude but we never did.

In this study, an actor is seen playing a variety of objects with different emotions. 10 month baby does not seem to be affected by the picture of the actor’s emotions, but it is not the case with the one year. With 1-year-old boy excited to play objects that played in positive emotions by the actor. Instead he will reject objects that seem to be feared or denied by the actor.

The research has been published in the journal Child Development proves that children not only learn the emotions of an adult or another child, but also from the television set.