Betel leaves for medicine nosebleed

Bleeding or discharge of blood flowing from the nose often just happen to your baby. If blood comes out are numerous and difficult to stop, have to be careful. Nosebleeds or episteksis more common in infants than in adults.

The cause is nasal mucous membrane is still thin so fragile blood vessels. In addition to thin the mucous membranes, nosebleeds also occur due to rupture of blood vessels in the nose child, a tumor in the nose, paranasal sinus tumors or tumors in the nasopharynx. Rupture of blood vessels in the nose most often caused by bad habits children, for example, are often fiddling with dirt nose (noses) so that the blood vessels around the nose is damaged or has an infection. Rupture of blood vessels in the nose can also be triggered by the air that is too cold or too dry air conditions.

Betel leaf is believed to relieve the blood running from the nose or a nosebleed, efficacy betel leaves helps to close a ruptured blood vessel in the nose. Betel leaf is more effective because it has two functions. The first function is a function both mechanically and chemically. Mechanical function of betel leaf is pressing the blood vessels in the nose, while leaf roll inserted into the nostril nosebleed. By doing so, automatic closure of ruptured blood vessels grow rapidly.

While the function of betel leaf chemistry caused by chemical substances called tannins. This substance can help close the broken blood vessels in the nose. Another source said that the essential oil of betel leaf contains chavicol betalephenol and who has a deadly germ, antioxidant, and anti-fungal. That is why, betel leaf is holding pebuluh blood, heal wounds on the skin, and stop the bleeding.

Betel leaf functions as a disinfectant or disinfectant, making traditional medicinal plants can kill bacteria or germs contained in the nose. In addition to stopping the bleeding, the nose will reduce injuries caused by an infection.