Benefits of Little Sleep

Growth and health

Sleep is essential for the body to rest and restore energy after the move. However, the body was a lot of activity when the body is sleeping. Sleep associated with physical growth, while the release of growth hormones in Infants. This is why the baby sleep more (and longer) in times of rapid growth. Some other body systems are also influenced by the body, Including the immune system. Lack of sleep can lead to the entry of the virus or disease. If the baby will sleep less Easily affected by the disease and will no longer heal. sleep not only for the growth of body cells and muscle tissue, but also to repair damaged body cells.

Brain and memory

Sleep helps the learning process by giving the brain a chance to digest what is seen and heard at the time he woke up. Sleep also help your memory, memory is very important in the learning process. Children learn by observing and repetition to help remember what they know. Bed can add a range of Concentrations. Newborns love to see the face of her parents and Began to recognize the faces of those around him. Children who sleep less are being Rapidly exhausted and more difficult to capture this learning. Lack of sleep can also result in the baby’s diet-less sleep usually have difficulty eating.

Social and emotional development

The first three years are the most critical time for brain development of children. Good sleep patterns will Affect not only the intellectual development but also how to relate to others. Body and brain need sleep to be Able to work well on this complex thing. Activity helps the baby to sleep, with the help of her parents, cope with emotions. Stress will be more difficult to deal with when we are sleep deprived.

Motor skills

Early childhood Began to sharpen fine and gross motors skills, how to control the movement of the hands, feet and then fingers. Need enough sleep to develop skills in this area. Lack of sleep lowers the concentration that resulted in the child being careless and prone to accidents. Babies also need enough sleep to be Able to move the legs and arms, especially later in the process of learning to walk.

Knock On Effects

The less sleep the child, the harder she sleeps. They may be much more awake at night and can be difficult to go back to sleep. Babies cry so much more, and sleep disturbances increase of. This can continue until the toddler years, even up to today.