Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera (Aloe vera L) was first discovered in 1500 BC. Some historical evidence mentioned, various nations (Arab, Roman, Greek, India, and China) using aloe vera as a raw material for medicine to cure various kinds of diseases. And Cleopatra reportedly use this plant for beauty care. Aloe vera is a plant that is easy to grow, in the area of ​​the earthy humus mixed with sand, enough sunlight and watering well.

An American citizen discovered the benefits of aloe vera gel in 1940. According aloe vera can protect the body from the sun. Some of the results of recent studies showing the benefits of aloe vera, namely:

Slow down the HIV virus

Aloe vera gel is believed to strengthen the body’s defense system. Substances contained in them can inhibit the action of the HIV virus or stimulate the immune system of AIDS patients.

Improve the digestive system.

Consumption of aloe vera known to help facilitate the digestive system. Aloemoedin substances and aloebarbadiod contained therein are compounds that include anthraquinone group.

As a natural antiseptic and antibiotic.

One of the substances contained in aloe vera (substance saponin), believed effective to kill germs. Whereas anthraquinone compounds can relieve pain, and function as antibiotics. In addition, it is also able to stimulate the formation of new cells in the skin.

Protect the skin from dehydration.

Lignin content in the gel can protect the skin from dryness and maintain moisture. Lignin is used for various cosmetic manufacturers of skin care and beauty products.

Aloe vera has many benefits, interesting food producers to cultivate these crops as food ingredients. Some are used as sweets, juice, powder, and aloe vera gel. There also used aloe vera drinks, believed to treat heartburn.

Flesh of aloe vera can be used as a variety of delicious food. Aloe vera has a chewy texture and a refreshing taste. Would make a mixed salad, stir-fry, juice, or candied. Some tips that may help you in processing aloe vera as food, reducing the unpleasant aroma owned, bitter taste, and lenders are as follows:

Choose meat that thick fleshy aloe vera. Peel bit thick. Meat taken colored transparent / translucent. Cut to the desired size.
Soak in boiled water that has been mixed with a little salt and nitric acid. Let stand for two hours, then wash and drain.
Or it could be after the peel, wash and knead aloe vera chunks in water mixed with salt. If the mucus has been lost, soak in water whiting or alum in order to obtain a more crisp texture and supple. Once washed, the aloe vera pieces ready to eat.