Bee Pollen, pollen nutrient rich

You may rarely hear the word bee pollen. Bee pollen comes from the male flower pollen that is usually used by the bees to feed their larvae. Flower pollen powder has many nutrients referred to as the perfect food.

Based Suplement Nutritional Health Guide, bee pollen contains 96 percent of the required nutrients and shaped the lives of 40 percent protein. Bee pollen has many health giving properties,
1. Strengthens the immune system
Bee pollen is very nutritious to boost immunity. Pollen contains vitamins B, C, D, and E. Not only that, there are the calcium, magnesium, selenium, cysteine​​, and many other variations of protein.

2. ward off allergies
It may sound strange. If you usually are many people who suffer from allergies due to pollen, bee pollen can actually increase body resistance to pollen. By eating bee pollen, the human body will be more resistant and not sensitive to pollen. This is similar to the workings of that ward off disease vaccines.

3. increase energy revealed that most athletes take bee pollen to increase energy and strengthen their endurance. Seeing nutrients in it, I wonder if bee pollen is effective for increasing energy and strength.

With so many benefits that can be obtained from bee pollen, some researchers even call this flower as the essence of life.